5 reasons your organisation should move to the cloud

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Before you decide to move to the cloud, here are some benefits and five reasons why the cloud will drive more significant impact for your business. By transitioning to a cloud environment, you can take advantage of:



1. Cloud-based applications are here to stay.

The cloud market is expected to pass $500 billion by 2020, and 72% of organizations had at least one application in the cloud in 2015, a 15% increase from 2012.


2. Security comes standard.

As cloud technology improves, security fears lessen. Enterprise IT managers were surveyed on security and cloud computing. According to the survey, security is no longer ranked as the number one concern when it comes to cloud computing. 56% of organisations were reported storing sensitive or confidential data in the cloud in 2016 and rated cloud security 37%.

One of the most significant advantages of moving to the public cloud is the security team that comes with it. By moving to an enterprise-level public cloud, you’ll experience:



“We’re saving time and money. And every dollar we save is making it to the field to help those that need it.” – Marc Julmisse (Chief Nursing Officer, Partners in Health)


3. Move at your own pace

Cloud migration does not need to happen all at once, instead it is recommended to migrate to the cloud over time with a hybrid approach – private cloud, on-premises and public cloud services. On average in 2015, businesses were concurrently experimenting with and running data on three public clouds and three private clouds.


4. Using the cloud doesn’t mean new tools.

Moving to a cloud-based solution doesn’t have to mean retraining employees. Many solutions allow you to use the same applications your employees are used to, with access to files anywhere online.


“The switch to Microsoft cloud services makes us significantly more efficient in normal times but will make us far more effective when we respond to a disaster moving forward.” – Mike Manning (President and Chief Executive Officer, Greater Baton Rouge Food)


5. The sky’s the limit

Cloud adopters see a number of benefits from their technology and the businesses’ top-cited benefits in 2016 include:




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