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Microsoft focuses on the hybrid cloud, acquires Avere Systems in January 2018

'Hybrid is essential in a world of AI and IoT as we move toward the Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge, working together. A distributed hybrid cloud enables a future-proof, long-term approach--which is exactly why we see it playing a central role in cloud strategies for the foreseeable future.' #Azure is always taking strides to improve your set of capabilities. The acquisition of the high-performance storage vendor Avere Systems will help bring your customer a growing set of tools helping large enterprises deploy not only storage, but analytical resources across multiple data centres, remote offices, public clouds and private clouds.

Intune – You can now create a test environment to test recommended settings and apps

As you may know testing and validating Intune settings may be a little bit challenging. To help you with this, you can now create a secured […]

Teams – A Linux client for Teams is coming

A Linux client for Microsoft Teams is coming next mid December. It will be available from In preparation you can familiar yourself with the Teams […]

Skype for Business Capabilities Guide

Skype for Business is revolutionising the way our customers do business. Using Skype for Business, employees have access to all the data, apps and colleagues they need to collaborate from anywhere. Record meetings, share personal screens and annotate PowerPoint files for real-time collaboration with up to 250 people. Be more productive during business meetings by using whiteboard, polls, Q&A and built-in IM. Skype for Business is a powerful collaboration tool for real-time input. To help customers accelerate collaboration, access this capabilities guide so you can assess how Skype for Business could benefit your organisation.