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Presenter and participant capabilities in Team meetings

Curious about who you can invite in your Microsoft Teams meeting, and what features they can access? Check out this article to see all presenter and participant types, and what they can do. Contact cubesys to learn more.

Elevate Your Email

Why is email still the preferred method of communication for society and business communications? One reason is the growth of cloud technology, which has enabled hybrid solutions that can be customized to the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. Email cloud solutions provide more security and compliance while automating functionality for users, which ultimately save money. Download the eBook "Elevate Your Email," brought to you by cubesys, to learn how a cloud email solution enables more features & functionality. @msftnonprofits

What is Teams?

Learn why you'll have the best work collaboration with @Microsoft Teams Meetings and Calling. This video shows you all the features you need to bring your team together:

Cloud analytics with Microsoft Azure

Cloud Analytics with @Microsoft #Azure teaches all that you need to extract useful insights by analyzing your big data. Access this e-book to explore the power of data with big data analytics, the Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and DataOps.