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Sales guidance deck

Recent events such as the 2020 pandemic have accelerated cloud demand and spending. Use this deck to clearly communicate the unique value proposition of Windows Server […]

Commvault boosts capacity and performance with Windows Server and Azure

When you leverage Azure Hybrid Benefit while running Windows Server on @MicrosoftAzure, you can save on cost, free up capacity and boost performance. Learn more with this short video about Microsoft customer #Commvault:

Disaster recovery chatbots

Read the article from @FastCompany, "Disaster recovery chatbots," to learn how @directrelief, a humanitarian aid group, dramatically cut response times on Facebook Messenger and connected those in the greatest need to real humans. Your #nonprofit can get this free chatbot at #Tech4Good #SocialImpact #DigitalTransformation

Just move it to the cloud

How you migrate your data to the cloud depends on many factors, but @Microsoft is here to help. Learn from this blog post about different methods of data migration and which one may be best for you.