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Change the subnet and IP of a specific Azure ARM virtual machine with PowerShell

Hi everyone, Couple of days ago I had to enable traffic between an environment in Azure and an on-premise environment. We already have an Azure gateway installed and a VPN connection between another VNET in our Azure environment so I wanted to reuse th...

MVP award renewed

Hi everyone, January first is a special day for everyone as it’s the first day of a new year (so happy new year everyone!) but it’s also my MVP award renewal day. As an MVP award is only valid for 1 year, every year Microsoft is evaluating ...

Step by Step guide on installing the Azure Usage and Billing Insights (AUBI) Portal

A lot of my customers are struggling with the billing part of Azure. They need a convenient way to review and visualize what they have consumed in Azure. I discovered the Azure Usage and Billing Insights (AUBI) portal couple of weeks ago, which does ex...

New OMS Calculator

Last year I wrote about the OMS calculator that was just released. Now that the OMS licenses has changed, Microsoft updated the calculator and released a new version of it: http://aka.ms/omscalculator . It’s really easy to use, you just need to f...