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Deploying Azure Resource Policies

Hi all, Before deploying anything in Azure you should think about Governance. You must address the topic of governance early to ensure the successful use of the cloud within your enterprise.  After a series of really intense governance workshops my customer was ready to apply the decisions made from those workshops in Azure. In those workshops we […]

Advanced Threat Analytics – Build in lab

Objective In this post, I will be guiding you through a simple lab deployment of Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA). This blog is intended to assist those […]

Azure AD Pass Through Authentication and Single Sign-on

  Objective In this post, I will be walking through configuring Azure AD pass through authentication and single sign-on for a single AD forest, and confirming […]

Add a custom image to Azure Stack

In this blog post I will explain how you can add multiple custom images to Azure Stack. At cubesys we have a brand new Azure Stack environment that we use as a demo and test environment for our consultants. Each consultant has his own subscription with pre-defined quotas that they can use to build, test […]