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Skype for Business Capabilities Guide

Skype for Business is revolutionising the way our customers do business. Using Skype for Business, employees have access to all the data, apps and colleagues they need to collaborate from anywhere. Record meetings, share personal screens and annotate PowerPoint files for real-time collaboration with up to 250 people. Be more productive during business meetings by using whiteboard, polls, Q&A and built-in IM. Skype for Business is a powerful collaboration tool for real-time input. To help customers accelerate collaboration, access this capabilities guide so you can assess how Skype for Business could benefit your organisation.

Accelerate your business with the right online meeting solution – Infographic

Staying connected allows for the greatest productivity and innovation. With Office 365 and Skype for Business, you will be able to connect face-to-face from virtually anywhere in the world. With one click, anyone can join online meetings from any device. Connect with your team anywhere using mobile apps, allowing you to work from the office, at home or on the road. From collaborative team sessions to live streaming a meeting on your laptop or dialing into a conference using your phone, Skype for Business is designed for all your meeting needs.

British Airways Leverages Visual Studio 2017 and Microsoft Azure to Unite its Global Workforce

Getting everyone in an organisation on the same page is no easy task. British Airways turned to #Azure tools and services, along with Visual Studio 2017, when it built an app that could disseminate company information across all employee devices and platforms. The developers iterated quickly through releases of the new app, adding features without worrying about lengthy regression tests. The crowning achievement was single sign-on, delivering an enhanced experience to all employees. Let cubesys show you how your organisation can achieve ground-breaking innovation. Contact us today to get started.

15 ways to keep your remote staff efficient and productive

'Remote working arrangements are becoming increasingly common across various field and industries as businesses look for ways to become more flexible and efficient.' Use tools like #SkypeForBusiness and these 15 tips to keep your remote staff efficient and productive!