Digital Revolutionaries

What usually motivates you at work? Could it be the double shot coffee or a nice sunny day? Or working in a modern, well-functioning and positive environment? A recent study on “Digital Revolutionaries Unlock the Potential of the Digital Workplace” by Aruba reported that workplaces which have been transformed into modern and digital environments yield improved productivity, job satisfaction and work-life balance. Employees know they work better when they work in efficient workplaces with the right collaboration tools and automated methods.

The digital revolutionaries study revealed tangible benefits of a more digitally-driven workplace. In April 2018 and May 2018, the study was conducted, surveying 7,000 employees across 15 countries. The report showed employees who work in digital workplaces, where new technologies are in great use are more likely to have a strong job fulfillment – known as digital Revolutionaries.

From the report, 66 percent of respondents said they would like to see fully automated equipment in their workplace, and 94 percent of the respondents believe that with the better use of technology, their workplace will improve. With these statistics, employees were more positive about digital technology and it has improved their motivation, improved collaboration with their colleagues and improved their ability to grow and learn new skills. The participants thought when using digital technology in their workplace it will result in efficiency, cohesive collaboration and a more pleasing work environment.

The study also showed that some organisations that are less tech-savvy are at risk of falling behind their competitors if they do not transition into a modern workplace environment. Even though they could be falling behind, a lot of employers are concerned about cybersecurity when deciding on a digital workplace strategy. From the report, employees have a high level of cybersecurity consciousness, where they have admitted to taking risks with the company data and devices.

 “The consumerization of the workplace is a very real movement. Employees are consumers and we bring consumer expectations with us to work.” (Janice Le, Chief marketer of Aruba). Therefore, businesses must focus on security as an essential part of the design when creating digital workplaces. To achieve optimum security for an organisation, IT must adopt cloud computing, AI, machine learning and emerging technologies.


Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled:

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Hannah Young
Hannah Young
Marketing Coordinator