How to change Citrix Director Grooming Settings

It took me a long time to hunt down this seemingly simple information so I thought I’d knock up a quick blog post for anyone in the same boat.

My problem was that I wanted use Citrix Director to do some trend reporting for a customer over the last 12 months but despite being at the Platinum licensing level, the best I could get was reporting that only covered the last 3 months.

As it turns out, although Platinum supports long term metric retention, the default for all of the retention settings is only 90 days. I couldn’t find anywhere in Director configuration or the SQL server where I could change retention settings. After logging a support ticket with Citrix I was eventually guided to the following documentation

Counter-intuitively, the commands to change Director grooming / retention need to be executed on a controller, not the Director server.

This is what the default settings looked like


What I primarily want to do trend reporting on is sessions and connections over the last 12 months so simply executing the following command “Set-MonitorConfiguration -GroomSessionsRetentionDays 365” now gives me this


Boom. Problem solved. Simple; once you know how.

Now I just have to wait another 9 months to collect the data…

Needless to say, this is something you should configure sooner rather than later but bear in mind – all of this data has to be stored somewhere and some of this information is very granular. Increasing retention for all metrics, or for longer periods, may significantly increase the storage requirements for the monitoring database on the SQL server.