Cloud migration

AI-Powered Cloud Assessment

The cubesys AI-powered assessment leverages the power of software.
Installed in minutes, inventories of on-premises estates are completed in hours. Then the AI-engine automatically determines the cloud compute and storage resources needed for applications to perform at the optimal cost in Azure – including Reserved Instances and Azure Hybrid Benefit.
This rich dataset is then analysed and interpreted by cubesys Azure consults, enabling customers to understand the precise costs of migrating optimised workloads from on-premises data centres to Azure.

Optimisation prior to migration is a critical step that diminishes sticker shock and keeps migrations on track. The assessment also models the cost options of different licensing models and discounting mechanisms, such as RIs and Azure Hybrid Benefit. The end result is that cubesys clients can quickly build a data-driven business case for Azure migrations.
Once you have decided to move to Azure, cubesys AzureFactory is there to assist you with the rest of the cloud journey, including detailed migration planning and ongoing AI-powered optimisation.

cubesys Azure Migration Assessment Offer

Ready to migrate your server workloads to Azure?

Using knowledge gained during thousands of hours of successfully migrating our client to Azure and leveraging the cubesys AzureFactory algorithm, we can help you quickly understand:
  • The business benefits of migrating to the Azure cloud
  • Provide optimised and accurate cloud spend estimates
  • Prepare the Azure platform to run secure, enterprise ready workloads
  • The technical hurdles you'll face and how to overcome them
You will be refunded 100% if you subsequently use the cubesys cloud migration service.
Find out more about how to optimise your Azure migration with the "cubesys Azure Migration Assessment"



Azure Migration Center
cubesys Migration Assessment
AzureFactory Information sheet
Server 2008 End of Support
One page options datasheet for 2008 end of support

Azure Hybrid Benefit explained

Azure Data Migration Infographic

Azure Factory

AzureFactory is the cubesys algorithm for the successful adoption and automation of Azure. Developed with real-world experience and built on DevOps principles, it is a methodical set of steps that can be used to guide your organisations successful adoption of the Azure cloud platform.
Using the guidelines set out by Microsoft’s Azure Scaffold; Compliance, Governance, Billing, and Security are all established and woven into your bespoke AzureFactory deployments. Each AzureFactory deployment is then delivered as ‘Infrastructure as Code’, providing automation and establishing a key building block for the transition to DevOps practices. Find out more here.



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