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Azure – AzureRM PowerShell will be retired by Feb 29, 2024

As you know, you can manage your Azure resources using either the web portal ( or command line tools (Azure PowerShell or Azure Cli). Well, regarding […]

Azure – You can now automatically upgrade the extension of your virtual machine (preview)

As you know you can add extensions (small applications that provide post-deployment configuration and automation tasks) to your virtual machine running on Azure. Well, you can […]

Azure – It is now easier to manage well-known ports (service) in your NSG

As you know you should protect your resources running on Azure connected to a virtual network (vNet) using Network Security Group (NSG). Well, it now easier […]

Azure – You can now stop MySQL database

If you are using Azure Database for MySQL server, you can now stop the server. This can be useful for dev/test environment where it is not […]