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Managing the modern desktop

Since the release of Microsoft 365, the concept of the ‘modern desktop’ and ‘modern management’ have been a constant throughout Microsoft’s marketing of this product (along with the ‘modern workplace’). You might […]

A look at Windows AutoPilot

Introduction Windows 10 AutoPilot is a recently released collection of technologies from Microsoft that provides a simple process to setup and configure new devices, requiring minimal to […]

Advanced Threat Analytics – Demonstrating Attack Detection

Introduction In my previous blog post regarding ATA, we looked at setting up ATA in a lab to walk through the process end-to-end, and show some […]

Azure Conditional Access Rules break AAD Connect setup and configuration

Today I came across an interesting issue in my lab when trying to setup and configure Azure Active Directory Connect. Errors Message: Checking the log is no help either, it just points me to the same error [crayon-5914e1b030ee4130251818/] Error Message: [ERROR] Showing a modal dialog box or form when the application is not running in …

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