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Exchange Online – Review your DNS configuration to avoid mail flow failures

Starting March 22, 2021, Exchange Online (ExO) and Exchange Online Protection (EOP) DNS infrastructure will be updated to enable Extension Mechanisms for DNS (EDNS) to allow […]

Outlook – You can now set your meeting to be online by default

After providing a setting to make your meeting as online meeting in Outlook Web Access (OWA – aka Outlook on the Web) – see – […]

Exchange Online – Enforcing receiving email limit

As you know Exchange Online has some limits in place to ensure performance and stability of the service (see to know more about). As part […]

Exchange Online – Exchange Online PowerShell module v2 is now available on Linux and MacOS

Good news for Exchange Online administrators. If you are using a Linux of MacOS device, you can now install the ExO v2 PowerShell module on your […]